If at first you don’t succeed… try something different.

There is something to be said about persistence, but pursuing a goal doesn’t mean do it the same way every time expecting different results.

Blogs and me do not go together easily. Over the past 7 years I have started and gave up on at least five different music blogs. I’m a huge music nerd and have been told that I should do music based writing. Though, for whatever reason I haven’t been able to keep one going because I inevitably hit that creative wall and have no way to get over it.

This blog started out as a music blog. I couldn’t help myself in that respect. Album reviews and music things were what I knew best, so naturally they were what I felt I needed to write about. Right away I found myself in familiar territory and feeling uncertain of what to write. I had the topic, but this time no words came. After a frustrating few days I was reminded of the famous Albert Einstein definition of insanity.

ā€œInsanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.ā€ ~Albert Einstein

(Funny how a quote you merely found amusement with a long time ago can ring true years down the road.)

I started to wonder if I have been going about the writing process in the wrong way. Maybe narrowing the topic down to a single subject isn’t the best plan of action. Maybe I was just asking myself the wrong question…

A few hours of self-loathing and Google searches later I come across a blog post by Cathy Day that laid out the groundwork for successful blogging: write about something you generally care about, and is a part of you as a person. Although I need to work on the rest Cathy’s points, those first two sections connected the dots I was refusing to see. I love music, but I love sharing knowledge, abstract thoughts and fun facts more.

As I renew my interest in blogging with a completely different mindset I will continue to grow, learn and ask the question: What have I learned today?


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